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gwk product range

Introducing gwk Germany

GWK stands for over 40 years for every need at your production site when it comes to cooling and temperature control of any kind.

Besides their standard product range, they also offer tailor-made solutions to control temperatures from -40°C to + 400°C. GWK offers small stand-alone temperature control and cooling units. GWK also provides full scale centralised plant cooling installations.

Efficiency and Energy saving is the key-word!

gwk Centralised Cooing Plants ready to go

From container sized installations to cooling towers – all you need to plan your factory cooling.

The possibilities are endless, ask for ideas!

gwk weco

Energy efficient chillers and even with integrated temperature control circuits to regulate a temperature range from 5°C to 90°C.

Compact Chillers for every needs – the GWK weco series. Available Low Temperature Chillers constructed for medium temperatures of +2°C down to -15°C.

Tell us what you need!

gwk Compact Temperature Control

Stand-alone units for die temperature control and other applications. Indirect water temperature controller up to 95°C and pressurised up to 230°C – the teco series.

Models are available for clean room applications!

gwk High-end Temperature Control units – enersave series

The compact protemp series is characterised by its energy efficiency, high performance and connectivity.

This gwk series is equipped with a fast microprocessor controller and new peripheral pumps. The flow rate and ΔT can be monitored, processed and valve controlled to the optimum energy savings settings. This can lower electricity costs easily by 70% per unit.

gwk Waterclean unit

Water is an excellent cooling medium, but even fresh water from a well, from rivers and from other surface reservoirs are always saturated with oxygen and include a large number of minerals and suspended particles.

These can block up cooling channels in production units through corrosion, or by producing deposits. GWK Waterclean solves that problem!

gwk Moldclean Unit

Cleaning and protection of cooling channels: Minerals that are dissolved in the circulation on water separate and solidify on heat conducting surfaces, obstruct heat transmission. Oxygen and carbonic acid are released and lead to corrosion.

Depending on the grade of contamination on the cooling channels may result in a cooling time reduction of up to 40% and even more. The Moldclean units are designed to clean and to keep clean scaled cooling channels of injection moulds and heat exchanger systems.

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