Thermoforming Machines & Sheet Extrusion Lines made by Polytype OMV Italy

Polytype OMV product range

Introducing Polytype OMV thermoforming machines & sheet extrusion lines

Polytype OMV Italy thermoforming machines

Large platen universal thermoformer for shallow products with IML robot handling system. F25/5 series – the fully electrical IML thermoformer for containers, cups and lids:

  • one system for rectangular, square, or round containers
  • forming and cutting operation in one station
  • compatibility to make both containers and lids by the same machine
Polytype OMV thermoforming machine - F25
Polytype OMV thermoforming machine - F25
Polytype OMV electrical cup forming machine - F33
Polytype OMV cup forming examples

Polytype OMV F33 fully electrical cup forming machine

Polytype-OMV F33 fully electrical cup forming machine suitable for PET-PP-PS-PLA materials. The F33 is designed for multi rows tooling independently of the type of thermoplastic and coextruded materials, as well as for the type and shape of products. Mostly used for cup forming and with a unique on-board RIM-rolling device.

Polytype OMV F88

The Polytype OMV F88 is an automatic large size thermoformer (forming area 1280mm x 750mm) in a modular configuration specially designed for shallow products to produce plates, trays, lids in PS, PP, PLA and other biodegradable materials.

The modular system allows single station forming and cutting as well as a multi station solution with separate forming and cutting possibilities.

Polytype OMV large size thermoformer - F88

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Polytype OMV Sheet Extrusion

Polytype OMV Sheet Extrusion lines

OMV Sheet Extrusion lines from 250 mm to 750 mm for various materials like PP, PS, PET, ABS – Multilayer. Goes perfectly inline with OMV thermoforming machines.

OMV extrusion has a solution for every common sheet extrusion application. Ask us about your project requirements!

Polytype OMV Sheet Extrusion
Polytype OMV Sheet Extrusion
Polytype OMV Sheet Extrusion