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Plastic Forming, Printing, Automation Machinery for Life Sciences & Supplies for the Processing Industry in Australia

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POLYMERACLE represents European high-quality machinery and equipment manufacturers, servicing the plastic processing as well as medical & pharmaceutical industry in Australia.

We cut through the sales lingo to get straight to the things that matters to you: Cost efficiency, technology, reliability, on time delivery, durability, continuity, personal service.

Our know-how covers a wide area of disciplines involved in the management of production lines and services, including:

  • Automation Systems for the Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Thermoforming
  • Extrusion
  • Printing
  • Laminating
  • Blow Moulding
  • Temperature Controling
  • Recycling

Advice in:

  • Injection Moulding
  • Tooling
  • Material Management
  • End to End Automation for the Life Sciences Industry

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Our products: Plastic Processing Machinery, Printing Machinery, Industrial Automation & Ancillary Equipment

European high-quality machinery & equipment

ATS Life Sciences Logo

ATS Life Sciences – Medical & Pharmaceutical Industrial Automation Machinery

  • Automation Equipment for Medical Devices, Medical Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals
  • Drug Compounding and Filling Lines
  • Packaging Machines
  • Manufacturing Intelligence Software
Logo Polytype

Polytype – Solid Swiss Made Printing & Decoration Machinery

  • Dry-Offset printing machines 6-9 colours for preformed plastic cups & lids
  • Digital printing machines for Rounds and Lid
  • Digital and Dry Offset Cup and Lid Printing Machines
Logo OMV Technologies SRL

OMV Technologies SRL – Thermoforming Machines & Sheet Extrusion Lines

  • Large platen universal thermoformer for shallow products with IML option and Mould tooling
  • OMV Sheet Extrusion lines from 250mm to 750mm for various materials like PP, PS, PET, ABS – Multilayer
Logo Willy Mueller

Willi Mueller – German Blow Moulding Technology

  • Extrusion heads – Extruders – Multilayer-technology
  • The exclusive upgrade for your existing blow moulding machines: Extruder, platform (support frames), single to multiple extrsusion heads, control
Logo gwk
Logo Reissner Cooling Solutions

TECHNOTRANS Group – German Temperature Control & Cooling Units
TECHNOTRANS – GWK – Reisner Product Range

  • Die, tooling temperature control
  • Cooling untis dimensioned for your application
  • Centralised Cooling Plants ready to go
  • Water technology – Mould Clean

Gneuss – German Extrusion Technology

  • Recycling and Compounding Extruder
  • Melt Filtration, full automatic rotary Screen Changers
  • Viscosity Measurement
  • Melt Pressure and Temperature Measurement Sensors

GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology

  • Open hot runner systems
  • Valve gate systems
  • Manifolds
  • Complete Hot halves / Cold halves integrated into corresponding injection mould
  • Control and regulation technology
Logo OMG Thermoforming

OMG – Italian Thermoforming Machines

  • heavy gauge thermoforming machines
  • OMG Italy covers the special applications in Thermoforming with a mixed product range

ADLER – Italian Recycling Granulators, Strand Pelletizers, Shredders & others

  • Industrial granulators for plastic recycling
  • Strands Pelletizer for granulate
  • Vertical Mixers for granules
  • Shredders for multipurpose applications
  • Special applications – ancillary equipment

PURGiNGiT – P&P Cream

  • the new era of purging and polishing
  • easy to use, easy to handle, easy to store

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