GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology – German innovative hot runner systems for plastic injection moulding

Günther product range

Introducing GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology Germany

For 35 years GÜNTHER is specialized in injection moulding hot runner technology.

To process technically high-quality filled, or flame protection-formulated thermoplastics, GÜNTHER offers a wide range of hot runner technologies for the effective injection of molten plastics into a mould.

Their advanced technology results in reduced material consumption, a reduction in energy expenses which should not be underestimated and in most cases – shorter cycle times.

Hot runner systems

With their large variety of melt channel diameters, nozzle lengths and gate geometries, the GÜNTHER hot runner nozzle range offers solutions for all the requirements of modern injection moulding technology.

Günther BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle
Günther BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle

Günther BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle

A precision injection moulding nozzle with thickfilm heater. Energy saving with an optimized and precise heating output distribution results in Increased process stability.

An especially slim nozzle design, which acts fast, thanks to the small mass involved. Smaller injection moulding machines may be used thanks to a smaller nozzle design!

Special hot runner applications available for process temperatures of up to 450°C.

Günther Multi-drop nozzles – Valve Gate nozzles

GÜNTHER offers both radial and linear multi-drop hot runner nozzles.

A perfect solution for lateral injection is the OktaFlow® hot runner nozzle, which enables up to eight tips to be used for each nozzle.

The GÜNTHER portfolio includes a variety of valve gate nozzles and needle actuation options. Up to 50% filled plastics can be processed, depending on application. The needle guide is supported floating in the melt channel. In case of wear, the needle guide can be changed with minimal effort.

Time and cost saving thanks to easy maintenance without removing the mould. Material changes can be easily responded thanks to straightforward gate adaption with consistent gate point quality.

Sequential injection and cascade injection moulding possible.

Example Günther 4 Tip cold runner nozzle
Günther 4 Tip cold runner nozzle
Günther nozzle open hot runner system
Günther nozzle open hot runner system

Günther Complete Systems

Injection mould hot halves and cold halves melt flow systems, custom made, ready to install. All components are matched to one another.

GÜNTHER offers you a fully assembled system of nozzle side mould halves with a height matched hot runner, fully wired and checked for proper operation.

Günther Manifold Systems

Different manifold versions can be selected for different applications.

Variable positioning of the hot runner nozzles makes the gauge freely selectable, which makes individualised mould design possible.

Maintenance friendly protected power connections and homogeneous temperature management by Pressed-in heaters.

Example Günther Cross-Manifold
Günther Cross-Manifold

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Günther type DPE4 for the SMA stepper motor
Günther type DPE4 for the SMA stepper motor

Günther user-friendly hot runner regulators and control technology

From single-runner universal regulators to 72 zone combination controllers with touch screen operation. The control units are operating with an operating voltage of 230V, which is both practical and user friendly.

Picture Example type DPE4 for the SMA stepper motor, individual needle drive. The ServoControl  (SMA) controls from single needle drive up to 16 stepper motors for needle actuators.