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Polytype product range

Introducing Polytpye offset & digital printing machines

Polytype dry-offset printing machines 6-9 colours for preformed plastic cups and tubs

Available in a range of configurations for example BDM301 for square and oval containers (see picture BDM301) with 6, 7, or 8 ink units. The machine is equipped with simple change over features and memory bank for reference data.

The model BDM681/682 is designed for round cups with a perfect cost/benefit ratio, easy access to all components, high reliability and automatic maintenance display.

Optional the machines can be equipped with the Polytype patented Pre-printing, which can achieve very high image contrasts and corresponding ink saturation on transparent cups (PP/PS/PET).

Polytype off-set lid printing machine

Off-set lid printing machine DDM-160 with the focus on fast and simple changeovers and ease of maintenance. As a result the machine can handle small and medium batch sizes quickly and flexible.

The graphic color display ensures a seamless interface for the operator in machine monitoring, production status, parameters and machine maintenance diagnostics.

Polytype digital lid printing machines

The universal digital printing machine for flat and nearly surfaces.
Photo realistic print quality, adapted base code white available for clear and coloured products, glossy ink effects and other individualization possibilities.

Polytype digital printing machines for round cups, tubes, cartridges and bottles

Extreme high print quality comparable to IML/Sleeve/Label decoration.
Free flexibility in the selection of the print design, use of digital print data originally supplied by the product owner with a new increase of production output.

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