W.Mueller blow molding technology, Germany

Willi Mueller product range

Introducing Willi Mueller Blow Moulding Technology

W.Mueller GmbH specialised for over 40 years in the manufacturing of equipment supplies to extrusion blow moulding machines. That compromises a variety of extrusion heads, extruders, alignment and control.

Mono-layer heads, Multi-layer heads, special applications, retrofitting of existing machines, upgrades to Co-Extrusion – W.Mueller, the engine and heart of a blow moulding machine.

W.Mueller equipment’s are often ordered with new machinery supplies as the customers know about their value and quality. They are the first choice when it comes to retrofitting.

There is no industry left behind in extrusion blow moulding, W.Mueller has your solution!

Typical applications:

  • food industry
  • chemical industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • agriculture chemistry
  • household products
  • Bio-plastics
  • automotive industry
  • bulk containers
  • industrial packaging
Co-Extrusion equipment for large blow moulding products, e.g. container, jerry cans, others
Co-Extrusion heads for double-, triple-, multiple parison extrusion, e.g. food applications, cosmetic products, chemical and pharmaceutical products
stand-alone Co-Extrusion machine upgrades
special applications: swivel die technology; and as well accumulator technology of all kinds

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