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Introducing Gneuss German Extrusion Technology

Gneuss offers a wide range of services to ensure permanent production consistency and product quality in the manufacture and processing of plastics.

With more than 35 years of experience and over 100 international patents, the family-owned and operated company Gneuss has made a name for itself as a supplier of innovative solutions for the plastics processing industry.

In addition to unique technologies, systems and components for plastics processing, Gneuss also offers complete turnkey solutions for the production of fibers and pellets. Since its foundation in 1983, Gneuss has grown to become a worldwide technology leader for the extrusion of polymers and the reprocessing of all kinds of polymers.

Gneuss Extrusion Technology

MRS Extrusion Technology
Gneuss MRS Multi Rotation Extrusion System offers new possibilities in the venting or devolatilization of polymer melts. It allows, for example, the processing of PET without pre-drying.

Alternately, this technology can be used to introduce gases (for foamed products) or fillers / additives homogenously into the melt.

Gneuss Viscosity Measurement

Gneuss’ Online Viscometer VIS allows the permanent proven real time monitoring of polymer viscosity. Its rugged design and measurement accuracy are well proven. The viscosity measurement takes place without material losses. The design permits easy cleaning, without influencing the process.

Gneuss Filtration Technology

Rotary Filtration Systems
The patented Gneuss Rotary Filtration Systems enable fully automatic, process and pressure constant filtration.

The main characteristic of these Filtration Systems is the Rotary Disk with its ring of screen cavities, located between two solid steel blocks.

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Gneuss Measurement Technology

Gneuss quality Melt Pressure and Temperature Sensors are characterized by their extremely high precision, combined with a high degree of robustness. Consistent application of latest technology ensures permanent quality control during the production process.