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Introducing the new era of purging & polishing

PURGiNGiT P&P Cream – easy to use, easy to handle, easy to store

P&P Cream is the only product that cleans all types of sedimentary plastic material deposition in your extruders, dies, nozzles, hot-runner, tooling.

Suitable for all kinds of extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding, or rubber processing without dismantling and manual cleaning procedure. It removes any residue, blackspots, coloured pigments and material deposits.

It works for: ABS, PA, PET, PS, PMMA, PC, SAN, PVC, EVA, PU, TR, PBT, PPO, PPS, PPA, PP, PE, SBR, EPDM, BMS, FPM, SILICON’s, it operates on temperatures between 70°C and 420°C.

P&P Cream™ has all approvals and is certified by: FDA (food contact certified) and GRAS (generally recognized as safe). It is smokeless, odorless and doesn’t contain solvents or abrasives.

PURGiNGiT - the new era of purging and polishing
PURGiNGiT - the new era of purging and polishing
P&P Cream Usage
Purging outcome using competitors products (left) versus purging outcome using Purgingit (right) (1 shot- 6 sachets used)

PURGiNGiT usage: twin screw extruder (diameter 90mm) for PA granules production

PURGiNGiT usage: injection moulding machine 2300 Tonn for automotive tank production

On top of the picture on the right:
Screw starting conditions: stucked screw. After several attempts to fix the problem, our client needed to dismantle the screw and proceed to clean it manually.
Time required: 20 hours and 3 technicians.

On bottom of the picture on the right:
Purging outcome using Purgingit: 2 shots – 12 sachets – 20 minutes to complete the whole process. Starting the production again, the charging time drops by 2,2 seconds.

P&P Cream injection moulding example
Without (top) and with (bottom) using P&P Cream

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