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Introducing OMG Italy

OMG heavy gauge thermoforming machines

Manual, or semi-automatic thermoforming machines for various thermoplastic sheets. The OMG’s AS machine series are designed to produce technical and promotional parts.

OMG’s heavy gauge machines are available from (750mm x 500mm) with a working area upto 3000mm x 2000mm. Tool depths are available from 150mm to 900mm.

OMG Mixed Solutions

Mixed solutions for sheet and roll feed OMG’s AC machine series. These machines can be combined with a roller cutter in a semi-automatic cycle.

The OMG OM series

Roller cutter machines for thermoformed sheets. Available from 400mm to 2000mm max. cutting width.

OMG’s DPH series

2-roll and 4-roll Pre-heater for thick roll feed material, or low heat transfer material, such as Polypropylene.


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OMG’s blister forming & blister packaging

OMG machines for skin pack blister-forming and complete blister packaging automation.